Charity basketball will pit Thomas against Schroeder

Count on some fun features and 'crazy antics,' says Mr. Suffoletto



It's a matter of principals!

Elizabeth Wisniewski
Game on!

During the school day, you may know Mr. Suffoletto as an entertaining English teacher. But after school, he is known as a hard-working coach.  He coaches two different sports, both soccer and tennis. Several times a week, he also plays basketball with other faculty members.

With his coaching experience and playing prowess, Mr. Suffoletto will join the Webster Thomas faculty basketball team to play against the faculty team of Webster Schroeder in a special charity game.  He made a recent announcement that may end up giving him a very different appearance.  He says that, if he gets sponsored at $200 a point by Wednesday, March 1, “I’ll let students cut my hair any way they want.”

The game will be at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 2 at the Webster Thomas Gym. The charities that will be supported at the game are the Special Education Parent Teacher Association, the Verona Street Animal Society, the American Cancer Society and the JACK (Just Acts of Caring and Kindness) Foundation. (For the last two years, proceeds for the game went to the Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester, which is a field designed for young athletes whose mobility may be impaired).  Construction recently began on Miracle Field, in part with the support of past game proceeds.

The charity game began 16 or 17 years ago as a memorial game in honor of the late Adam Milne, beloved Irondequoit teacher and husband of another much-loved teacher, Webster’s Mrs. Jennifer Milne, Mr. Suffoletto said in an interview. The “Adam Milne Basketball Game,” between Webster Thomas and West Irondequoit, went on for many years.  Because Mr. Milne had died of Leukemia, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was the charity of choice for many years of these faculty games.  The games continued for years, even after Mrs. Milne moved away.  However, the Webster organizers began to identify other causes in the Webster community.  Eventually, the charity event evolved into a game between Thomas and Webster Schroeder.

After Webster’s Christmas Eve tragedy, in which Tomascz Kaczowka, firefighter and 911 dispatcher, and Michael Chiapperini, a lieutenant in the Webster Police Department, as well as a firefighter, were killed in an ambush, the two Webster high schools raised money for the West Webster Fire Department.

During this year’s game, there will be such things as a Make-Your-Own-Sundae Bar, Sumo Wrestling at halftime by our faculty, and a performance by the Webster Thomas Dance Team.

Mr. Suffoletto says that the game is “one of the highlights of my year,” and he adds that, in each game, faculty members will participate in “crazy antics that you can count on.”  During each game, he says, there are always “teachers acting in ways you never thought possible.”

Update:  March 15, 2017:  Webster Schroeder faculty members beat the Thomas Titan faculty in the March 2 game.  However, the designated charities “won”; the game was a success as a fundraiser.  There was more than $4,000 raised, in ticket sales and pledges to teachers, for several charities, according to Mr. Suffoletto.