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Cory Buff


Cory Buff, a junior, loves to read, draw, and play video games. He loves animals and is inspired to become a veterinarian for a career. Cory volunteers at the Seneca Park Zoo in the summer, handling biofacts and teaching people...

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Nick Laudisi

Journalism Class Contributor

Nick Laudisi, a junior, enrolled in Mrs. Heveron-Smith's Journalism class because he wishes to attend college for sports journalism. He has a love for a wide variety of sports. And he plays golf and baseball.

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Sylvia Hudak

Journalism Class Contributor

Sylvia Hudak, a sophomore, decided to take Journalism because she has enjoyed writing stories since she was little and wants to pursue a career in writing in the future. In addition to writing, she also runs track.

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Jill Galanti

Journalism Class Contributor

Jill Galanti, a sophomore, enjoys playing lacrosse for her travel team and for the school. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and going to the gym. She hopes to play division I lacrosse for Canisius College...

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Melanie Sloyer

Journalism Class Contributor

Melanie Sloyer, a freshman, enjoys listening to and creating music in her free time. She wishes she had more time to relax and not worry about school. One quirk about her is that everything has to be organized and decorated, Tetris...

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Andrew Hammack

Journalism Class Contributor

Andrew Hammack plays video games whenever he have time to do it or feels bored. He wishes that he had time to build his own Lego designs. One of his favorite foods to eat is chicken with rice. He has a black and white short-haired...

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Kelly Carson

Journalism Class Contributor

Kelly Carson, a freshman, loves to read a range of fiction, but not nonfiction. However, she wishes that she had more time to read. One of her quirks is that she likes to color-separate her M&M’s, Skittles and Goldfish. In the...

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Heather Ashton

Journalism Class Contributor

Heather Ashton, a freshman, has a passion for running. She is constantly training. Yet she is a big mindfulness supporter and believes that taking a walk and taking a nice, deep breath can fix any stressful situation. She is...

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Morgan Hardy

Journalism Class Contributor

Morgan Hardy, a sophomore, loves to listen to alternative music. She is a hard-working student who wishes she had more time for sleep. Morgan, when she is not busy with reading or studying, participates throughout the year in...

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Anna Pekurny

Journalism Class Contributor

Anna Pekurny, a freshman, spends most of her time reading or doing her homework, although she wishes she had more time to write. She loves macaroni and cheese as well as horseback riding. She loves cats and has a fat, spoiled...

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Briana Youngquest

Journalism Class Contributor

Briana Youngquest, a junior, is a big reader and is a bit of a perfectionist. She is learning to play the guitar, and she really wants more time to practice. She has multiple tastes in music -- which she likes to listen or sing...

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Allie Beamish

Journalism Class Contributor

Allie Beamish, a freshman at Thomas, loves to read, and she has always loved to write stories. Allie adores music, and she currently plays four instruments -- cello, piano, ukulele, and guitar. Her room is almost always clean....

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Hanna Cavicchioli

Journalism Class Contributor

Hanna Cavicchioli, a junior and a member of the Journalism class, enjoys, in her free time, applying prosthetic and cosmetic makeup. At home, she often babysits her little brother, though she wishes she had more time for after-school...

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Nicole Lundahl

Managing Editor

Nicole Lundahl is a senior at Webster Thomas High School. She is the Managing Editor of the Webster Thomas Courier. She is also the prop manager of the musical, and will be managing the costumes for the fall play. She also par...

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